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Chicago Voices SING

Sing your heart out as we join together for a citywide celebration of singing with Chicago Voices Sing, part of Lyric Unlimited's Chicago Voices initiative. Chicago Voices Sing is highlighting the city’s vibrant music culture by encouraging Chicagoans from all walks of life to record and submit videos of themselves singing all styles of music.

Featured Videos

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Renée Fleming with Chicago High School for the Arts Students

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Renée Fleming

Recently Uploaded User Videos

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Alex, "Hey There Delilah"
Chicago Voices School Slam 2016

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Almira & Blanca, "Los besos de mi boca"
Chicago Voices School Slam 2016

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Anthony, "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"
Chicago Voices School Slam 2016

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Citali, "Me vas a extranar Solorio"
Chicago Voices School Slam 2016

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Damian, "By and By"
Chicago Voices School Slam 2016

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Daniela, "Just the Way You Are"
Chicago Voices School Slam 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to participate?

All age groups are welcome to participate. Kids under the age of 18 just need a parents' permission.

What type of music are you looking for?

Any genre works--Blues, Classical, Country, Folk, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, R & B, Soul--you name it!  Original songs are also encouraged.

Is this a contest? What do I win?

It’s just for fun! But it does give you a great opportunity to share your singing voice with your friends and family and around the city! Make sure to share it on social media, so everyone can see you singing your heart out.

We will be featuring selected singers on the Chicago Voices site and in other ways throughout the project.

Can I sing with my friends?

Individuals and small group performers are encouraged to sing, with or without accompaniment.

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